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How to Start Trading:
Steps to Start Online Trading In India

17 Jan, 2022

How to Start Trading: Steps to Start Online Trading In India

The digital revolution has made trading online simple and accessible. Easy access to markets, a quick start into trading, and hassle-free registrations have opened up a world of opportunities for the next generation of traders. There has never been a better time than TODAY to start online trading in India. With a strong knowledge of trading, good internet connectivity, some funds, proper documentation, and finally a trusted trading platform and net banking facilities – you are set up to start trading online in India.

What is online trading?

Trading has historically been run by people and brokers who would file for the stocks you want to buy. This process involved much paperwork and waiting time at the stock exchange or brokerage house. Digitization of this process has empowered the trader to perform the same tasks in a few minutes.

Online Trading is simply the exchange of stocks or shares digitally. You buy and share stocks online and have the final profits transferred online. Simple, isn’t it? Just like shopping online, you can now trade online with a dedicated trading platform such as the SHAREPA trading app.

It gets even better. You can open your trading account in just 7 minutes, completely FREE! Travelling and need to trade on the go? Download the mobile app for quick access at your fingertips.

Benefits of Trading online in India
  1. Online trading is simplified by the trading platforms. No queuing up at brokerage houses to buy trade. Open up an account in a few minutes, with minimal documentation and free registrations too and you’re ready to start trading.
  2. Buying and selling shares or other investment instruments happens really fast. Orders are executed swiftly and efficiently at the tap of a button.
  3. Online trading apps are a powerful investment tool that brings your entire investment portfolio under one roof. This enables traders with all-time access to evaluate their investments and portfolios. Track how many IPOs were applied for, monitor the performance of trades, and control investments.
  4. Yes! You still have to pay the brokerage cost even on an online trading platform. However, this cost is considerably lower as compared to the physical hassle of trading offline. For example, SHAREPA charges you a FLAT 20 INR per order.
  5. From learning best practices on trading to insights, news, and trending stocks, online trading platforms offer credible resources that facilitate easy trading. This also means fewer human errors, reliable information, fact-based research, and tools to trade better.
How can you use your online trading account?

An online trading account does not offer you shares and equity trading alone. Stocks, futures and options, currencies, IPOs, mutual funds - do more with your money on a single online trading platform. One online trading account opens up the world of investment. It gives traders one-point access to several investment tools. From trading on stock exchanges like BSE and the National Stock Exchange to NSE for equities to accessing Multi-Commodity Exchange and National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange. Use your online trading account to grow your investment portfolio.

Steps to Start Online Trading in India

While online trading in India is quite simple, it involves some initial thought to decide which brokerage house will become your investment partner. This is crucial to determine in the initial phase. Online trading should only be conducted with a stock brokerage firm registered as a Depository Participant (DP) with SEBI and a depository with either CDSL or NDSL.

SHAREPA is registered as a Stock Broker, Research Analyst, and Depository Participant with SEBI, as a Broker with NSE, BSE, and MCX, as a depository participant with CDSL, as a distributor with AMFI, and as a platform partner with BSE STAR MF.


bank account. A trading account is mandatory to buy or sell shares on the stock market, whereas the Demat account holds the shares digitally for you. Always check the Demat and trading account opening charges, the annual maintenance charges, and the brokerage charges.

Online brokers charge you a fee on equity delivery and have a percentage-based charge per instruction. SHAREPA has zero charges on equity delivery and a FLAT FEE of INR 20 per instruction. A flat fee structure keeps your cost minimal when you trade in large volumes, saving you much more on brokerage costs.


This is a fairly simple step that requires your banking information and personal details to fill out a detailed Know Your Customer (KYC) form. At SHAREPA, opening this account is a 7-minute process!

All you need is a PAN card, bank proof and account information, image of signature, income proof if availing derivatives. The account opening is linked to your aadhar-linked mobile number and email id, so keep these handy for OTP and verifications. Follow the simple instructions at each stage inputting your Pan details, banking details, and personal information. E-verify the form at the end of the process. Your Demat and Trading account with SHAREPA is ready to trade.

Watch this video for complete guided help:

Step #3 Add Funds to the Trading Account

With your trading account now activated, it's time to add in some funds to place a buy on equities that interest you. Spend some time with the online trading platform to understand the finer details of the app and how you can seamlessly trade on it.

Step #4 Draft out your Trading Plan

Assuming you understand the fundamentals of trading and have adequate share market investment expertise. It is time to prepare a trading plan charting out investment strategies. Most apps offer you an option to set investment limits and track the same across equity and commodity markets

If you're a novice at online trading, start small, be patient, and look at investments from a long-term perspective. Research more with real-time updates, trading strategies, news, and company analyses available online. The SHAREPA knowledge center is a good place to learn tips and get acquainted with the stock market.

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Trading online is common for many investors today. New-age investors and veterans in the trading business now trade digitally - it is a perfectly safe medium for trade and investment. But before trading in any market, we always advise you to learn the financial markets thoroughly and study how it operates. Understanding technical analysis, trading strategies, and practicing regular trading is important; before entering full-time into the share markets.

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