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FAQs About Best Broker & Equity Trading Platform in India

In the stock market you can either sell what you bought on the same day or buy what you sold on the same day. This is known as intraday trading. The opposite is known as equity trading.

In equity delivery you can buy shares via the best equity trading platform in India based on the recommendation or advice of the best broker for equity delivery or on the basis of your own research. You can hold onto these shares for sometime using one of the best online equity trading platforms.

There are some distinct advantages of using the best online equity trading platform in India.

  • Equity trading is not as risky as intraday trading.
  • Equity trading is more conducive to long term wealth creation.
  • Equity allows you to borrow money in the future, against shares held as equity delivery in your demat account.
  • Equity allows you to hold on to the big stocks compared to intraday trading.

SHAREPA is one of the most trusted equity derivatives trading platforms in India. Experience the ease of equity and commodity trading from the same platform by opening your free demat and trading account now.

There is no fixed period. However, 24 months is a good time to stay invested to get good returns.

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