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Frequently Asked Questions about F&O Trading

You cannot trade directly in stock markets in our country. You can go for the lowest brokerage for option trading in India or even the best broker for futures and options in India.

If you are shopping for the best platforms to trade futures, take your time. Futures and options are complicated for everyone. Before shortlisting futures and options brokers, you first need to get a deep understanding of how to trade futures and options in the stock market.

If you are an online trader, you’ll want superior technology, quotes and charts, and direct market access. If stability, reliability and speed are all important to you, look for the best broker for option trading in India who offers multiple platforms and ask them which platform is best based on your trading style and objectives.

SHAREPA is the best futures and options broker in India. Explore our services now.

Futures and Options are derivatives of underlying assets. Option is not an obligation to buy or sell an underlying asset at fixed prices. However, Futures are a contractual agreement between a buyer and seller. Unlike Options, both buyers and sellers are obligated to buy or sell. They have to trade at a pre-decided date at a pre agreed price.

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