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Frequently Asked Questions about Mutual Funds

Mutual funds can seem complicated and intimidating at first. Basically, the money is pooled in by a large number of different investors for a common objective. Each investor looks for the best broker to invest in mutual funds in India and owns units, which represent a portion of the holdings of the fund. The gains are distributed evenly among all investors.

You can create an account on one of the best trading platforms for mutual funds and start with a low amount. You can gradually invest more as your income increases.

Mutual funds through SIP offer a lot of flexibility as investors can control all aspects of their investment via the best online mutual fund platform that they have joined. You can control the amount you want to invest, the tenure, the frequency with which you want to invest and more. Learn about how you can determine the best platform to invest in mutual funds in India via our Knowledge Centre.

Investing any amount of money requires a good app. Apps are more user friendly and allow you to trade whenever you want, wherever you are. And hence are the best mutual fund trading platforms to go for. SHAREPA is known to be one of the best online mutual fund investment platforms in India to make trading easy. Apart from being the best broker for mutual funds in India, SHAREPA offers many other investing solutions under one roof, making it a 360 degree platform for its users.

There is no fixed period. However, 24 months is a good time to stay invested to get good returns.

Yes, we have a mobile app for Android and iOS users. To download on Android devices, click here. To download on iOS devices, click here.

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